Akothee issues a stern warning to Andrew kibe

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After having a lavish wedding, musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth, alias Akothee was over the moon celebrating her new love. The wedding was attended by popular Kenyan celebrities.

On the other hand, content creator and chauvinist Andrew Kibe could not resist from commenting on the issue. For weeks now, he has been criticizing Akothee for marrying a younger man and a foreigner. She was married to a Swiss Dennis Schweizer alias Omosh. Sources indicate that Omosh is 43 years old but Andrew Kibe insisted that he was younger than Akothee, probably 28 years.

Despite the consistent attacks on Akothee, she has always remained calm, but on this latest scenario, she had to respond and issue a stern warning to Andrew Kibe.

“Now this is not content but disrespect to women. Andrew kibe be careful let not clout chasing push you to jail. You are not above the law to just wake up and rant .we all understand you are broke bitter and toxic , you can creat all types of content . But I will not allow you go this far ! Wewe mwenye huwezi hata seduce Nzi una nguvu ya Sex ama pombe ilikumaliza libido kitaambo. 🤣🤣you are a failure in life ,therefore you see your life inside other peoples success. You mislead young generation with your toxic product .
Anyone following kibe must be a toxic person .
Andrew kibe you will not attack families and subject kids to trauma for sending their parent’s for DNA online kwani wewe babako tunamjua?
Kibe, you are not us based you are kenyan reject hiding in the Us . You failed terribly here in kenya ,while men at your age are busy working from 8 to 5 you are busy monitoring peoples lives.
If you are doing well in the US can you document your life for a week without touching personalities. Can you post for us bills that you take care of huko US . We shall bring you back to kenya to answer all the questions you are raising. You must be accountable for your deeds Nugu .
You want to smeer everyone with your toxicity in the name of content. You are not a content creator you are bitter .

Last time I saw you attack sarah kabu for trying to get pregnant at 40, kwani wewe uko na uterus? Why are youbon women cases
Si uvuke basi ?
Soon celebrities will bar you from mentioning their brand names on your toxic page ,utakufa njaaa bro kuwa mpole
You are such a disgrace to the menfork.#kibelibidohafifu 

her fans also responded to this issue:

‘Wooii madam polis huyu atakuroast viajab🔥huyu Kibe is hurt and don’t mess aki Sis
I have waited for so long for someone to put that thing in his place🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. God bless you madam boss nakupenda tu bure..hii haina come back…I have one boundary in my life any man that listens to Andrew Kibe is a red flag, not a red flag but a red duvet…date a man that listens to Kibe at your own risk. 🎤
That one is another cult leader. He has brainwashed so many young men to hate women just for being born female. The same young men who are baby daddies to so many baby girls. They are out there creating a horrible future world for their baby girls, and they don’t know it yet. The next generation of females will surely have it rough if the sins of the fathers keep on trending. It’s going to be painful.”
”Now Akothee vs. Kibe will be prime content for many YouTubers. You have made topic selection easy for many.”
”But it’s true you can’t create toxic content on celebs’ life.Ata Shaderoom at times appreciates good content from celebs”

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