Mixed reactions as Colonel Mustafa spotted working in a mjengo

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Netizens have been left speculating on what happened with legendary musician Daudi Mustapha aka Colonel Mustafa after he was seen working at a construction site.

In the viral video, the singer is seen on the site with other workers and netizens have had mixed reactions to the video. A section of them has felt that, in some instances, life can change, and people end up in desperate states and they have to do what they can to survive in this economy, while some have dismissed him as a clout chaser who is courting attention to bring him back to the game.

MJENGO: Colonel Mustafa, Lenga Stress Hitmaker Gone Broke? - Billy O'clock

Colonel Mustafa was on fire in the Kenyan music industry, with hits like Hey Baby featuring Marya and Lenga Stress hitting the airwaves.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

I’ve seen this video of Colonel Mustapha trending people asking what happened to him. Nothing happened to him apart from poor financial management. I see nothing wrong with the video,falling back and getting up is part of the journey. Let the man hustle!!


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