Pastor Ezekiel Odero released on cash bail

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New Life International church’s pastor Ezekiel Odero has finally been released on a cash bail of 1.5 Million shillings or 3 million bonds by the Shanzu Law courts.

  Senior Principal Magistrate Joel Omido disapproved the state’s request to detain him for 30 days after failing to produce substantial evidence that linked the embattled pastor to the Shakahola deaths. The judge questioned how releasing pastor Ezekiel could affect the ongoing post more term of bodies that were recovered in Shakahola.

Followers and believers of the Newlife church flocked to the streets to celebrate their beloved pastor’s release.

”Thank you, Lord. We are happy as his followers.”
”Ezekiel and Mackenzie will be released without charges. If they were of the Muslim faith, your conclusion is good than mine.”
‘I have always wondered why so many acquittals are in very high-octane cases. I just realized that the police, coincidentally or through mischief, dont investigate cases before arrests. It’s shameful”

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