5 movies you need to watch in 2023

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5 months into  2023, and we have already experienced mind-blowing movies that will keep you glued on the screens waiting to see the action. Here are the top 10 movies that you need to watch asap:

5. The pope’s exorcist

The 1 hr 43 minutes thriller is about  Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s leading exorcist. He performs exorcism exercises, but he faces strong opposition from panel members.  He investigates a child who has been possessed, and in the process, he unveils Vatican’s dark secrets.

4. Ambush

A group from the US Army is ambushed during the Vietnam War, and they find themselves in an unlikely position where they have to engage in an underground battle. Led by Captain Drummond, he takes a group of young elite soldiers who they are tasked to collect a piece of highly classified information.

3. Avatar: The way of water

Jack Sully and his clan of blue-skinned humanoids who live in the forest are under attack from humans. He seeks aid from Ney’tiri, and they form a family, and he is taught the ways of the aquatic Metkayina clan of the Pandora region. They combine forces to defeat human influence.

2. Assasin

A private military is on a mission to unravel deadly missions by inventing microchip technology that enables their agents to inhabit the body of the criminals.

1. Plane

Pilot Brodie Torrance is faced with a calamity as he struggles to save passengers from a plane crash that is due to a lightning strike, and he is forced to have an emergency landing. On the surface, the passengers are taken hostage by the rebels.

‘If you took out the boardroom meeting scenes and scenes with his daughter, it would have been a 3/5, tbh”
”The Plane is a good ass movie, 10/10 from start to finish”
”Avatar the Way of Water is now one of my favourite movies. It’s way too good; never stop making these movies!”

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