Yesu wa Tongaren taken to court.

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Bungoma-based preacher Eliud Wekesa alias Yesu wa Tongaren has been taken to Bungoma law courts after hours of grilling by the Directorate of criminal investigations  [DCI] Bungoma branch on the 11th of May, 2023. The officers are seeking an order from the court of law to detain him for extra days.

Yesu wa Tongarine was questioned over his doctrine as he calls himself the ‘real’ Jesus Christ, which Christians call blasphemy. Revealing on the press conference, he stated that the DCI offers had questioned his principles and whether his followers go to the hospital and get the right to education.

He indicated that the ‘sun and moon’ would be his lawyers. This is part of a religious investigation in Kenya after discovering that Malindi-based pastor Mckenzie had convinced his followers to fast till death. So far, over 140 bodies have been exhumed in Shakahola. Days later, Pastor Ezekiel Odero was arrested.


”What’s wrong with Jesus of Tongaren? Someone calling himself Jesus isn’t a criminal offense.”
”That’s why the country needs not religious, political leaders but leaders like Unye and Kibaki who separates religion and work. Hawa wa maombi fails to understand that God worked and demanded that we work. Watu bure kabisa”
‘History tells that Jesus was Black so this guy could be the one Christians have been waiting for.”

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