MothersDay: Pauline Njoroge opens up on her painful miscarriage

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Today, May 14th, is the day to celebrate Mothers. Severally local celebrities have taken to their social media account to celebrate their mothers, while some chose to celebrate their Motherhood experience.

Political Blogger Pauline Njoreoge has marked Mother’s Day with a sad tale of the trauma she underwent after the miscarriage of her twins. A sad experience and she stated she had kept it as a secret.

I will not be Intimidated - Pauline Njoroge Responds to Sudi's Distasteful Remarks -

Here is the emotional statement pinned by Pauline.

Not long ago I carried twins in my womb and they brought me the most fulfilling joy. Those few months made part of my life’s happiest days, and I was ever smiling. One of my close friends even nicknamed me Mama Happiness.

Losing my unborn children crashed me… watching as they disappeared in a pool of blood caused me unexplainable pain. For several months I was an emotional mess and nothing could comfort me. I broke down a million times and tears became my daily food. Out here I kept a strong face because sometimes as women and leaders, we do not have the luxury of breaking down in public no matter what is happening internally.
I am grateful for the strong support system in my life, which carried me through this period and for God’s grace.
For every mother out there, it is such a blessing to carry life and bring it to this world. Always treasure it. Happy Mother’s Day.”

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