Manzi wa Kibera breaks up her mzee fiance

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After months of lovey-dovey public displays between Wambo alias Manzi wa Kibera and her 66-year-old fiance. Manzi was Kibera has announced the break up on her Instagram page despite a video that was posted four days ago while the couple was shopping in preparation for an alleged wedding that was to happen next month.

”Me and Mzee are no longer together”. She broke the sad news via her status. Mzee appeared in an interview with Nicholas Kioko and explained that he was heartbroken and they had truly separated, and it was not clout chasing. He bitterly pin-pointed that Manzi was Kibera was no longer picking up her calls as he suspects the cause of the break up may be due to financial constraints.

He was still optimistic that the couple would be back together and continue with the wedding plans. Manzi was Kibera hit the headlines early last few after introducing her newly 66 years old fiance. Most people assumed that this was the usual clout chase by Manzi was Kibera. He also revealed that the wedding gown was approximately 45,000 shillings.


”Amepata an older, richer guy.”
”Tayari manzi wa Kibera amekula bank account yote amemubakisha mzee bila pesa”
Hii be very keen ni clout

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