Oga Obinna displays 51 million shillings

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The money bragging battle between Eric Omondi and former Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna has intensified after Oga Obinna responded by screenshotting his available balance of 51 million shillings in the bank.

At first, a video of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko displaying 30 million shillings that he kept on his home shelf as a response to his in-laws. Comedian Njugush took over and hilariously made a video clip of his displaying a toy ATM machine with a few fifty-shilling notes.

Eric Omondi was the next victim after recording an amount that is approximately 13 million shillings in cash in response to Oga Obinna, who had criticized him for being a politician’s project and his mimics of helping people in streets by donating free maize flour was heavily funded by politicians. Eric accused Oga Obinna of being broke and threatened that he could open a radio station and employ the Nigeria-accented comedian.

This is not the first time Eric  Omondi and Oga Obinna hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. Back at Kiss FM, the two tussled during a live interview after Obinna asked Eric Omondi to come out of the closet as a member of the LQBTQ community judging from his dressing.


”That’s edited champ unaona Hio space before the decimal, pure clout chasers”
‘Kuna watu huku nje who have so much money that what Sonko, Omondi, and Obinna are showing us is common to change – na hao hawaongei”
”Those are Edited staffs. Msijipatie pressure bure” some of these celebrities struggle to pay their bills. Najua wengine wana play hide & sick with tenants. I just can’t mention them but it’s reality

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