Sauti Sol announces Break up

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All boys band choir Sauti Sol have announce d their final break up after 18 years of rulling te aiwaves with their melodius songs on what tey term as ”indefiniate hiatus”.  The group plans a final music tour across Europe, US and Canada to interact with the fans for one last time before taking a break up .

In the recent past Sauti sol have released solo projects and have constitently  informed their fans that Sauti Sol was intact and they were never breaking anytime soon.

The fans were quick to react:

Boys 2 men ,westlife the bands I know when I was young are still together for the last 4 decades a part from inevitable like death on some of group members Lakini hawa ni Marin go tu ,2 decades Wanaona wamefika.bure sana!


”A world tour without any African country. Even the events planned for Kenyans were a by the way because one of the events is Radio Africa’s event n Sol fest has been your end year thing. You are just proving to us how you sing one thing but truly you don’t believe in that. You sing Live n Die in Africa yet there is no African country in your so called ‘world tour’? Mtuimbie melanin n then marry ‘not melanated women’? Tunawaona sana. Very dissappointed fan.”

”All your solo projects were fire moto. 🔥🔥🔥 Rooting for your growth as a band, brand and as individual artistes.”
World Tour yet no African country except for Kenya which is technically not even part of the world tour. I love Sauti Sol but come on guy

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