Uhuru issues a stern warning at the Jubilee NDC

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Former president Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a stern warning against the government officials who have provoked him in the recent past. ” I wanted to retire peacefully and do my things without any disturbance.I thought i was coming to the Jubilee NDC to inform you that i have retired but  some people’s job is to threaten me and force issues. Let me tell them to mess with somebody else but not me.”

Jubilee party has been experiencing wrangles after the Sabina Chege and Kanini Kega and a section of the Jubilee Members of parliament crossed to William Ruto’s government. Uhuru declared the duo persona non grata and urged them to leave the party peacefully.

‘This is embarrassing of a former head of state. He shouldn’t have wanted, he should have retired. The only person forcing issues is him, Kenya has already started taking the right steps progressively & taming corruption. It’s not time for politicking.”
”wewe ndio unafaa ile speech ya Junet ‘kondoo haina meno’. This is what you used to say on final days in your term, thinking you own deep state and you could make Raila win.”
”Okay now it’s the right time for him to be denied the perks of a retired president…he deserves nothing! He is the worst president we have ever had”

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