Top 10 tik-tokers in Kenya in 2023

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  1. David Moya
  2. David Moya is the leading tiktoker with 3.9 Million followers. He rose to fame through his well-choreographed dance moves and gifting the fans. He has acquired many local and international gigs.

2. Vick Brandon

He has attained 2.8 million followers on TikTok. His content is widely watched globally. Most Kenyans may fail to notice that Vick is a Kenyan. You will never fail to see his broad gestures and facials.


Based on true story 😭😭😭#vickbrandon #vickbrandon2 #vickbrandon3 #vickbrandonlegend #vickbrandon😜😜 #viral

♬ Geri Inengi – Wakadinali

3. Azziad.

She rose to fame in 2020 after dancing to Mejja and Femi One’s song Utawezana. Her smile and dance moves kept most people talking as she went ahead and got ambassadorial jobs . Azziad has managed to build her artistic brand over time. She has 2.7 million followers.

4. Njoki Murira

Njoki Murira has become an internet sensation after garnering 2.4 million followers. Her curves and simple dancing techniques have attracted most followers.

5..Dennis Ombachi

The former Kenya 7s player is one of the loved tiktokers in Kenya as he specializes in cooking. Popularly known as the roaming chef, Ombachi has attained 2.2 million followers.

6. Only Lit Boy

Lit Boy is a dancer and has been able to choreograph most of the dance challenges. He worked alongside David Moya before the duo parted. He has attained 2 million followers.


God above all ❤️ 😂he was afraid #fyp #kendickson #litboy254#tiktokkenya

♬ original sound – ONLYLITBOY

7. Flaqo Raz

Erastus Otieno alias Flaqo is one of the best Kenyan comedians. He has perfected his art of acting like characters in a typical African home. He acts as Otis’s father, mother, sister and Uncle. He has gained 1.3 million followers.

8. Ajib Gathoni

Ajib Gathoni has 1.1 million followers. She is a dancer and a social media advertising intern. She has been able to do most dance challenges.


I feel ✨Bonita✨ dc @R Y A N ❤️‍🔥 #yourwaistchallenge

♬ Your Waist – Savage & King Perryy

9. Crazy Kenna

Kennedy Omondi, alias Crazy Kennar runs the famous tales of the crazy Kennar. He has been christened as the content cartel due to his hilarious unique video clips. He has 834k followers.

10. Mulamwa

Mulamwa is arguably one of the most controversial comedians in Kenya. He now works at Milele FM as a presenter. He has attained 630k followers.



♬ original sound – MULAMWAH





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