Ugly scenes at KNT at ochonjo’s fundraising

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On the  Thursday of, 25th May evening, there were ugly scenes at the Kenya National Theatre during the departed content creator Ochonjo’s fundraiser as artists engaged in a squabble and bitter exchange of words.

Mike Wako a friend of the late, was forced to cut his speech and was whisked away after actress Sandra Dacha interrupted. ”Mike udanganya [Mike, you are lying], she said. Mike explained how he had struggled to help his friend who had been admitted to the hospital. To his death, there was minimal help from the artists. The sentiments that did not auger well with Dacha.

At the fundraiser, most of the speakers warned the artists who were present to avoid reckless consumption of alcohol. The alcohol menace had claimed over four artists. Lang’ata Mp Jalang;o was among the speakers. He also highlighted his journey in art and kept encouraging the artists to keep working hard.


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