Anti terror police seize Pastor Ezekiel’s items

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The Anti-terror police unit raided and seizes items that belonged to the pastor Ezekiel’s New life center and church. These items include Holy water, handkerchiefs, computer drives, public address, and other communication gadgets. Pastor Ezekiel’s lawyers claimed that the ATPU unit had seized the items on Tuesday for the purpose of investigation.


The embattled pastor was arrested a few weeks ago after being linked to Pastor Mckenzie’s Shakahola massacre, where a hundred bodies were retrieved after being convinced to fast to death. Odero’s woes never ended there; the register of societies deregistered his church citing failure to file returns and taxes.

The court had freed Pastor Ezekiel based on a lack of evidence by the state. Confistigating of these items means that the police will be looking into charges that can be used against him. This includes radicalization, genocide, failing to pay taxes, fraud, money laundering and crimes against humanity and children. The lawyers reported that Odero’s accounts remain frozen.

”There is more that we are not seeing. When did Pastor Mackenzie exit the scene?”
”This is simply a ploy aimed at making us forget about Shakahola. You can not subject spiritual items to a layman for investigations. Vita zingine DCI wanafanya zitawaramba vibaya sana. Wacheze na Yesu wa Tongaren lakini sio Ezekiel.”
”Why are they doing an investigation while he is free? What were they doing when he was in the cells??”


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