Bonny Khalwale heckled in Kakamega

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UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala and Kakamega Senator Dr. Bonny Khalwale faced the wrath of the voters in Kakamega after they were heckled and forced to cut their speech due to the high cost of living. In a video that went viral on the socio media, Bonny Khalwale is trying to explain how the government is committed to ensuring it tackles the high cost of living amidst the jeers and heckling.

The United Democratic Alliance government led by William Ruto is experiencing a challenge as the cost of living skyrockets and most people cannot meet their demands easily. With the government introducing high taxation rates, the cost of basic commodities hasn’t been reduced. The anger among the people was vivid as the two leaders belong to William Ruto’s UDA party.


”Senator Khalwale was told the Painful Truth by Senator Sifuna on how things they’re on the Ground. He dismiss

@edwinsifuna as Azimio Noisemaker, Yesterday the bullfighter met with Fire, he saw fire himself.”
”Kakamega kumewaka”
They’re selfishly rejecting taxation of their salaries. Not fighting for jobless wanjikus. Mtaamkia mbali Sana. Walipe ushuru, the millions of jobless youths wapate kazi.”

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