Bahati in trouble after execcessive borrowing

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Tyler Mbaya alias Bahati wa Machachari is in hot soup after a US-based lady exposed him after borrowing money from her while claiming that he needed financial help as his family was on the verge of being evicted from their place of residence.

The lady explained that Bahati had followed her on Instagram and decided to inbox her and request for financial aid followed. After sending him a hundred dollars, he kept asking for more. This raised eyebrows and the lady decided to peruse through his girlfriend Georgina Njenga’s pages.

She explains that from the recent updates, Georgina’s life seemed no normal, there was no sign of depression. This raised alarm and after inboxing her, Georgina revealed that Bahati was involved in excessive borrowing and the money borrowed was never for the purpose of helping the family but for betting.

In an Instagram post, Bahati indicated that he is selling his social media accounts. This comes after a male friend recorded a video claiming that Bahati has failed to pay his debt.

”Influencers are really struggling out here and people don’t want to believe it. These guys are living paycheck to paycheck. All these ‘cars’ are rented or paid promotion. Hakuna any influencer in Kenya that’s earning millions. The brokest ones sell adds kwa stories.”
”Some make good Money, for the case of Baha ni ati akonna gambling problem.”

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