Citizen Tv’sPurity Wambia stranded in USA

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Citizen Tv’s  former investigative journalist Purity Wambia has revealed that she is stranded and is on the verge of being homeless in the United States of America after fleeing Kenya.

While speaking to the US state department, she revealed that her life hadn’t been a bed of roses two years after an explosive documentary that revealed rogue policemen who hired guns to thugs and the lives of innocent Kenyans were taken away by criminals who used these guns. The documentary was entitled gun galore.

A US-based organization flew out Wambia after she began facing life threats from unknown people. Wambia told the panel that her experience and toil would be wasted in a foreign marred with financial constraints as the organization had cut communication with her.

”The cultural shock..takes a while to process..go out there and do any available job.”

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