comedians Njugush and Butita get acknowledged by the president.

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Comedians Njugush and SPM Buzz CEO Eddie Butita were invited to the Kenya Drama festivals state concert and were given an opportunity to speak to the audience.

When President Ruto rose to the occasion, he acknowledged the presence of the two comedians. He encouraged content creators to emulate the two comedians to whom he said that he said that they earn more than his presidential monthly salary.

”That the President knows how much Njugush and Butita make is interesting. He knows that content creators are making some good money hence the Finance Bill 2023 has a 15% withholding tax on income earned by digital content creators so the government can share in their wealth”
”Mtukufu Lies fattening the bull before slaughtering it, Njugush and Butita fell on the trap”

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