Embarambamba on financial bill

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Embarambamba is a Popular musician who ails from  Keroka in Nyamira County. He rose to fame in 2020 after his hilarious video where he cools jumped and rolled across the mad among other theatrics that left many in stitches. He referred to his style of music as ”comedy ndani ya gospel” [Gospel incorporated with comedy].

The artist has released a new clip that addresses President William Ruto to cancel the initiative of taxing content creators in the proposed financial bill 2023, which will see an increment in the prices of important commodities.

In the video that was shot on a railway, the artist is seen lying down as he chants the contents of his message and in some instances, he runs along the railway. Many content creators have aired mixed views on taxing their content as the proposed  15% seems hefty. In defense, they claim that many people join content creation due to the high levels of unemployment in Kenya.

Last week President Ruto highlighted that content creators like Njugush and Butita of SPM Buzz earn more than his presidential salary. He urged the youth to take advantage of the social media platforms and monetize them.

”President, please listen to him”
‘Huyu anataka viboko sasa”
‘Alikuwa almost kuruka ndani ya hiyo bush I like this guy’s content”

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