Manchester united’s Anthony accused of assault

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Manchester United and Brazilian star Anthony has been accused of assault by Gabriela Cavallin. The two have been allegedly been in a relationship. Cavallin filed a report on Monday in Sao Paulo in Brazil where claims that on 20th May she was assaulted by the footballer.

However, Anthony was in England on the reported date as he featured in a game between Manchester United and Bournemouth. Anthony has not responded to the accusations.

Manchester United’s Greenwood was arrested after being accused of assault and was temporarily banished from the team. He was later released but still he hasn’t been involved in the team activities.

”Antony was with the United squad on May 19th and travelled to Bournemouth. May 20th with the United squad all day for a 8pm kick off and then travelled back with United. Literally impossible for him to assault the Woman who has claimed he did it on May 20th.”
‘Going by the timeframe in the charges against Antony, no way it can be true cos how can he be in Brazil abusing someone while he was in England playing nonsense against Bournemouth.”

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