Netizens defend Chief Justice Matha Koome

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Martha Koome was on the receiving end after a scathing attack by Lawyer Ahmednassir on Twitter on Madaraka day on the 1st of June. The flamboyant lawyer wondered why the chief justice cruised in expensive machines.

”Tell me why a CJ of a poor third-world country where millions of kids sleep at night without food, with 1.5 million cases backlog, where it takes 10-15 years to hear a case and 6-12 months to deliver judgment will spend $500,00 to buy her 4th official car[CJ has 2 Mercedes, 2 parado and Land cruiser and 3 to 4 escort car] MADNESS!”

In the midst of the tough economic situation in Kenya, Netizens have mixed reactions as others hit out at the Kenya Kwanza government for not utilizing the scarce resources instead it opted to raise taxation. Days later a section of netizens have come and defended the chief justice.

”Ahmed Nassir have been profiling Cj Martha koome of late , what could be the reason for this? Is it because she is a Woman?”
”Ahmed Nassir hapa ulienda too far, have you seen the cars the speakers of the national assembly drive.? Let Cj Martha koome be.”
”Cj Martha Koome is entitled to flashy cars because of his office. Ahmed Nassir is just bitter.”

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