Top10 populated cities in Africa in 2023.

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The African continent is home to millions of people living in its 55 countries.  In recent times people in Africa have been moving to towns and cities in search of better livelihood and due to employment.
Here is Africa’s largest urban areas by Population in 2023. Some of these cities are not capital cities.
1.Cairo 🇪🇬 ~
Cairo is the capital city of Egypt .It has 20.3 million people.
2. Lagos 🇳🇬
Lagos is located in Nigeria.16.64 Million. Despite this population and its thrive in economical aspects, Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria.
3.Johannesburg-Pretoria🇿🇦 ~
It is located  in south Africa. It has 14.57 Million people.
4.Kinshasa 🇨🇩 
DRC Congo’s capital city. It has 12.84 million people.
5.Luanda 🇦🇴
Angola’s capital city. It has  9.05 Million people.
6.Dar es Salaam 🇹🇿
It has 7.96 Million people. Located at the coast of Tanzania, Dar Salaam is Tanzania’s favourite city. The capital city is Dodoma.
7. Khartoum 🇸🇩 ~
It is sudan’s capital city. It has 7.87 Million people.
8.Nairobi 🇰🇪 ~
Nairobi is Kenya’s Capital city. It has 6.60 Million people
9.Abidjan 🇨🇮 ~
Located in Ivory coast. It has 6.32 Million people.
10.Addis Ababa 🇪🇹 ~
It is Ethiopia’s capital city. It has Africa Union headquarters. It has 5.89 Million people.

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