3 Unruly teachers interdicted by TSC.

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Three teachers in Nandi County have been suspended by the Teachers Service Commission [TSC] after causing disturbance at Lelmokwo high school.


I am directed by the Teacher Service Commission to say that,it is alleged that you breached clause C[ii] and [iv]  of the third schedule act in that:

You are of infamous conduct in that:

1. you stormed the principal office on 15/3/2023 at around 1.30 pm without permission and ate all the bananas and milk in the fridge.

2. You forcefully ejected Mr Manasse on 13/3/2023  at around 3.00 pm from the school bursar’s office without any justifiable reason.

3. You stormed into the school kitchen on 16/3/2023 and forced the school cateress to serve you with chicken which was meant for the visitors.

Consequently, you are hereby interdicted with effect from 22/5/2023.’‘ the contents of the letter served to one of the teachers by the deputy county director.

The teachers were given a chance to defend themselves within 21 days and provide any form of evidence as the case could be determined by the commission on the fate of the teachers.

”For context, this chap did all this from Monday to Thursday, only taking a rest on Tuesday. Something or someone clearly ticked him off.’
”The teacher may be having underlying issues that should have been interrogated prior to such drastic action.”
”Ejecting, Storming and Forcing The common denominator here is VIOLENT CONDUCT. Those are very’
What this letter is doing is being polite, if all allegations are true. What many don’t see is a teacher who is probably not in so stable mental condition. Depressed,stressed, doing drugs, or just unaware. The commission and school can’t sometimes really come clear about these.

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