Eric Omondi travels to UK after Kuria’s remarks

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Comedian and social media influencer Eric Omondi has traveled to the United Kingdom for shopping in what he terms as a response to Moses Kuria’s remarks that he regrets sponsoring Eric Omondi’s trip to the united states 7 years ago.

Eric Omondi has been at the forefront of opposing William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza government, criticizing it in all aspects: the high cost of living, unemployment, high taxes on content creators and unfavorable policies on the citizens.

In an interview , the cabinet secretary for trade, Moses Kuria bashed Eric Omondi for his consistent criticism of the government. It revealed that 7 years ago, he paid for Eric Omondi’s trip to the united states and he admits that he regrets he could have used the money to party.

”Pesa ni nzuri,watu wangu”
”and Jalas says Eric is making over ksh 10m monthly.15% is a good cut to the government.”
”That guy has ego issues. When the Italian girlfriend left him he wanted to prove publicly how he has prowess in horizontal Olympics, remember the Shakila fiasco”
”Kwani hii visa inapatikana mbio aje?”
Alafu akishatoka uko atarudi maandamano kusema maisha ni ngumu?? Mungu na amsamehe”

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