Netizens react to Kamene Goro washing Omena with soap

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Netizens have been left amused after media celebrity  Kamene Goro video washing omena with soap and detergents. A section of social media was left angry and tamed the action as disrespect for omena lovers while some castigated her clout-chasing skills.

In the video, Kamene was seen washing the omena in the sink, with the husband and friends like Ogo Obinna reacting to the action.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

I have watched the video of Kamene Goro desecrating the palatable silver cyprinid with soap and disinfectants with utter shock and disbelief. This is a big insult to the lakeside community and millions who take pride in partaking in the delectable cuisine. Omena slanders won’t be taken lightly on my timeline. Signed by Omena Eaters Association of Kenya, 45, Riverside Drive.


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