Azziad Nasenya walks out of an interview.

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Social Media influencer Azziad Nasenya is reported to have walked out during an interview with Radio Maisha’s Mwende Macharia and Clemmo.

In a video that was recorded by a member of the Radio Maisha team, it shows Azziad and her friends walking out of the interview after Mwende asked a question that never augered well with the tik tok queen. Azziad had allegedly requested Mwende not to ask her  questions regarding the Talanta Hela but Mwende violated this and it triggered Azziad to walk out as she responded ”no comment.”

The video captures Azziad walking to the elevator as she said” Nimecancel. we are done..”  in the video Mwende is not apologetic for bringing up the question as she termed her childish.

”What does Azziad’s brand represent exactly and why would she think it’ll be relevant on the radio without such questions”
”I would also do the same… I believe before one attends a radio interview, they are taken through the intended questions to be asked…”
”It’s a valid question though. She should answer. It’s the elephant in the room. I’m surprised she couldn’t figure out that. The question was inevitable. We are not interested in knowing TikTok dances and her trip to Dubai.”

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