How to travel on a budget in Kenya

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Kenya is a magical country in terms of travel destinations; Kenya has always attracted tourists from around the world, thanks to breathing breaking beauty of the country, well blessed with beautiful scenes, warm, welcoming people and a favourable climate throughout the year.

The country has a wide variety to offer on your bucket list, starting from wild Safaris to coastal beaches. While you plan to tour Kenya, you can consider the tips that will help you work within your budget and give you value for your money. Here are some tips to help you travel on a budget as a local or International tourist.

1:Budget transport

As you cruise in the country, you are highly encouraged to look at the budget you spend on transport. Transport costs in Kenya can be expensive; it’s advisable to research some of the affordable local airlines. In Kenya, you should use the train or bus as a means of transport; trains are cheap and affordable and you can witness the country’s scenic beauty. If you travel from the Capital, Nairobi, to Mombasa City, you can use Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) along the way; you are granted magical scenes, especially if you traverse through Tsavo. You may be lucky to spot a lion or a herd of elephants.

Kenya SGR electrification contract signed - International Railway Journal

(Photo: International Railway Journal)

2:Travel during off-peak season

Traveling during the off-peak season in Kenya is one of the surest ways of ensuring you get your money’s value. The high peak season in Kenya is mainly during the December season when there is a beehive of activities in the hospitality industry, with local and domestic tourists flocking to the tourist destination, hotel rates and related services hike in price. Other high peak seasons in Kenya include April and August when schools are closed. To receive value for your money, travel during the low season and you can afford most services at low rates.

3:Budget accomadation

In Kenya, accommodation rates can sometimes be wildly high, with some high-end hotels out of reach for many. While traveling on a budget, consider looking for affordable accommodation, including hostels and Airbnb, which have become affordable; sometimes, you can travel with your camping tents. Another critical tip is that look for accommodation away from the city centers, slightly the outskirts or the satellite towns of the city, e.g. in Nairobi; you can look for affordable accommodation in a town like Kitengela.

4: Meal plan

While traveling on a budget, how you spend on your meals is crucial. In Kenya, meals in hotels, in some instances, can become extremely expensive. An essential tip is to plan to cook your food while on a trip the AirBnb industry in Kenya caters is for travelers who want to cook their food while you may explore other options like a tourist hostel that has shared kitchenettes. Another underrated move is to try street food; street food is relatively cheap and yummy in Kenya. Locally we refer to them as ‘Kibadansky foods.’

The Best Kenyan Street Food to try - Discover Walks Blog

5: Group travel

Traveling as a group works excellent for those on a budget; In most cases, they can cost-share the service, including accommodations. Most hotels readily offer attractive cost-cutting for groups. The rise of several travel and tour companies in Kenya has made the services cheaper. Travel companies can also provide quality services in logistics and well-purposed planning.


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