Otile Brown mourns loss of his unborn child.

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Kenya’s legendary singer Jacob Obungaalias Otle Brown is mourning the loss of his unborn singer. The ”alivyonipenda’ hitmaker shared the tragic news via his Instagram page on Sunday, 2nd July indicating that the expected baby was no more. It’s all good. God you know I never ask or question you..”Otile wrote ”All I do is smile and stay positive. Our baby didn’t make it. I guess it’s not my favorite year no more.” 

A week earlier, the music star indicated he was expecting a baby. This was a surprise since he had decided to keep his love in private after breaking up with social influencer Vera Sidika who later settled with Brown Mauzo, and the couple welcomed their second baby recently.

It is unclear who the mother of his child is and what exactly happened to the unborn baby as Otile has kept his love life private after his very public relationship and break up with socialite Vera Sidika who herself just welcomed her second baby with musician Brown Mauzo.

Otile Brown later fell in love with Ethiopian Nabayet and it didn’t end well as they separated. In January, rumours about the two hit the airwaves on two having a reunion, but Nabayet dismissed the claim. Otile has deleted all his pictures from his page.

Somethings are always better off kept secrets ungetegea mkeo ajfungue salama ila ultaka Dunia Ione kuwa unatarajia mtoto ..ila mambo hayaendi ivyo….ila pole sana kwa kumpoteza utajaliwa mwingne
Can people stop posting some premature outcomes like expecting a baby on social media?

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