Jua Cali hits out on Njugush’s stand up comedy.

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Legendary Genge artist Jua Cali has hit out on comedian Njugush as he claimed that Njugush was not a stand up comedian.  This comes after Njugush began a series of stand up comedy titled through thick and thin #TTNT.  The recent event in Australia was cticized by some netizens who claimed that the comedian was not funny as others suggested that he should stick to his skits.

”Njugush ni boy wangu [Njugush is mu friend] but hakuna comedian hapo not funny at all!!!” Jua cali responded to a tweet. This elicited mixed reactions.

”You see the way you met with Butita ukamencourage aanze 1hour specials? Yes, Ivo ndio unafaa kumeet na Njugush umshow about his skits and how he can improve his art as a stand up comedian. That’s how you should do it now that you claimed that Njugush ni boy wako… You remain a legend though
”I love it when the critics come. I love it when they feel like winning more when they think I can’t. If I were Njugush”.
”You literally gained nothing from criticising Njungush. It was totally unnecessary to tweet if he is your boy. Even this long essay is unnecessary. Just mind your own business or tell it to him privately instead of embarrassing him publicly for retweets.”

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