Crazy Kennar hints on having a come back .

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Comedian Kennedy Odhiambo alias Crazy Kennar has indicated that he gearing up for a comeback days after posting ”Depression is Real”.This was after rumours that he had parted ways with the remaining cast members of the hilarious Tales of crazy kennar: Yvonne Khisa, Bushra, and Wanjiru  Africas.

His followers kept guessing that there was trouble in Paradise, as the actresses unfollowed him on Instagram. Sources indicated that they had separated due to mismanagement from Kennar’s manager. Kennar has never responded to those allegations.

In a post on his social media handles, he showed empathy to all those who are battling depression as he hinted at coming back to creating content and putting a smile on people.

”Bold move! Can’t wait to watch them. Cheer.”


”The more you share out love the more you receive it. Keep doing your best bro!”
”Depression is real but if you only submit hardships, pain and tough times exist but at the end of it all you’ve got to make a way out of it.. embarrass the pain and embrace the gain that this life comes with Kennar Acha you are a beast in this industry protect your craft”

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