Lisa Sparks, the woman who slept with 919 men in a day

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Well, well! As several people worldwide work hard to break their work records in their field of specialization, some have gone an extraordinary mile to achieve unthinkable records. Lisa Sparks falls under this category.

According to Guinness’s book record, Lisa Sparks holds the world record for a woman who has slept with the highest number of men in a day. Lisa was able to have slept with 919 men in 24 hours.

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(Photo/Lisa Sparks)

Lisa broke the record in 2004; the record for a  woman who slept with most men was 759; according to the former model, she managed it by having each man for 45 seconds in the event that had a referee and camera operators. After finishing the occasion that day, she said it was not easy as she felt a lot of pain. It took her over a week to recover.

Lisa is a Poland native who grew up in Kentucky, United States; the former model has also played in the movie industry specializing in short adult movies.


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