Ondivow photography amuses netizens.

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Ondivow photography has captured the attention of netizens due to his creative videography skills in capturing the Azimio-one Kenya coalition protest in Nairobi.

The photographer wowed Kenyans as his videos captured the systematic act of the protesters as some are seen pelting stones and teargas at the police. The scenic video also captures the police throwing police canisters at the protesters. One video captures the police vehicle springing acidic water on the protesters.

The demonstration was initiated by Raila Odinga as most parts of the country protested due to the high cost of living.

”Maandamano aside, I see so MUCH untapped talent in those protestors till I am kinda annoyed. Imagine putting all that skill, strategy, and strength to national use!”
”Keep up the good work…. at least we get the view from the protestors’ perspective.”
”The resilience of the people is quite insane. Big up to the Kibra people once again, always at the center of fighting back against oppressors. Thank goodness now the whole country is waking up. Good work, Ondivow. That last bullet shot is top-notch. It tells an incredible story.”
”Hiyo risk Ondivow ana take to give us that exclusive footage of Maandamano hadi una feel ni kama ulikuwa hapo, umeshikilia simu lakini unataka kuinama maji ya pilipili isikumwagikie ama usigongwe na teargas cannister… He should be celebrated.”

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