Government suspends worldcoin in Kenya.

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Interior cabinet secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki has issued a statement that the government of Kenya has suspended all activities related to  Worldcoin as there security concern after a multitude of people flocked at KICC and malls within Nairobi and Thika.

World coin is a cryptocurrency scheme that is owned by Sam Altman the founder of Open Al which deals with artificial intelligence. Worldcoin beneficiaries registered via scanning their iris and they are awarded 25 free  WLD. The tokens are about 7,700 shillings.

It’sn’t clear on what the company will do with the biometric data collected as large queues were witnessed in Nairobi. It’s reported that over 350,000 people have so far registered. However, the ICT minister Eliud Owalo has differed with Kindiki’s directive citing that worldcoin has followed all the required rules.

”World coin is a great example of a HUGE risk to our national security”
Too late Many Kenyans have already given their iris data”
”Yaani CS Owalo says Worldcoin is Operating within the law while on the other hand, CS Kithure Kindiki has Suspended Worldcoin, Weuh! Where are we heading as a country? Enyewe President William Ruto is facing tough times!”

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