Willis Raburu’s replacement for 10over10 Show revealed

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Popular Citizen Tv Friday night show 10over10 has finally received a new host after Willis Raburu exited, Raburu landed a government job with the Nairobi County Government. Raburu had worked for Royal Media seravices for 13 years.


Aziza Hashim alias Azeezah will now host the program alongside Hyper Gudah Man. Azeezah has been the host of the Ntv’s program Teen Republik for the last two years. The host has already bid goodbye to the station and registered an emotional farewell message to her fans.

“I don’t know how to even break this because I woke up today and cried severally, and to ever watch right now Today is my last show on Teen Republik.For the last two years, we have doing our best and it’s been quite an amazing learning journey. It’s been a whole 360- the first show my wig fell off and on my last show the wig fell off as well, would like to say that I appreciate the support that I got, I have grown a lot by being at Nation Media Group. My bosses have taken a lot of chances on me. They have trusted me with a lot of things that would not be given to someone of my age and I don’t take it for granted,Azeezah emotionally expressed.


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