‘Mathee wa Ngara’ heads to court

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‘Mathee Wa Ngara’  title hit the limelight after the officers linked to the directorate of criminal investigation [DCI] arrested Teresiah Wanjiru, allegedly’ Mathee wa Ngara’ due to peddling drugs. 26 bags of bhang and over 12 million shillings in cash were recovered.

Days later, details emerged that the DCI had mistakenly arrested Teresiah as she was not the actual ‘Mathee wa Ngara’. Neighbours, friends and children of Teresiah defended her by saying that she runs a food joint and she has never been involved in peddling drug substances.

The name Nancy Kigunzu came up as the actual ‘Mathee wa Ngara’ and since then, she has been on the police radar. It is alleged that Nancy had contacted Teresiah who is in police custody and apologised.

Earlier today, 21st August, through her legal team, Nancy has moved to court to block the investigative agencies from arresting her as she has been unfairly been targetted.

“I have never committed any crime in Kenya nor have I been involved in any criminal activity in Kenya neither personally not jointly with others, and I therefore do not understand why the police are looking to arrest me,” she stated in her in court documents.

Kigunzu has accused the DCI and the inspector general of police of detaining her children [aged 16 and 17]  for five days without trial in a process that is unfair, and that aims to threaten her and detain her . She states that she became aware of the arrest through social media.


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